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Class Descriptions 2016-2017


It's a hit! We’re thrilled to once again offer an a la carte Pre-School and Primary menu format thanks to the enthusiastic reception it recevied last season.  This program design enables you to choose from a delicious mix of movement styles to offer your young dancer a taste of all that is to come as s/he explores the world of dance.  These programs are chock full of original games and activities to introduce classic and current movement genres with a focused eye on fun!

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PRESCHOOL-I Ages 2.5–3 (30 min class options) FALL 2016-17 INFO BELOW!Created for the little ones who just can’t wait to dance!

PSDANCEMIX (PSDMX) explores basic ballet, jazz, tumbling, and more. Your darling will be introduced to the world of dance through original games and activities sure to entertain and inspire. (Ballet slippers.  Girls=white, Boys=black) Choose One: Mon 2:00pm, Tues 10:00am, Thurs 10:00am, Sat 9:30am

TINY TUMBLERS (TT) introduces our youngest movers to a variety of balance, jumping, weight exchange, flexibility and coordination activities to start their tumbling journey. The perfect class for younguns with lots of energy! (Barefoot) Choose One: Mon 2:30pm, Tues 10:30am, Thurs 10:30am, Sat 10:00am

PRIMARY Ages 4-6 (30 min class options)A program built for fun!

PR Ballet Beats (PRBLT) combines classic and original exercises to introduce and explore the beauty of the ballet along with fun and funky activities to get your dancer grooving. (Ballet slippers.  Girls=white, Boys=black). Choose One: Mon 3:00pm, Thurs 3:00pm, Sat 10:30am

PR Tap (PRTP) turning shoes in to musical instruments, this class is key to honing listening skills and, of course, it’s a blast.  (Revolution Tap Shoes:  Girls= tan, Boys=black) Choose One: Mon 3:30pm, Thurs 3:30pm, Sat 11:00am

PR Hip Hop (PRHH) This high energy class is designed to encourage your young movers to make appropriate use of their enthusiasm while building focus, creating muscle memory, and develping their uniguely super swagger! Mon 4:00pm

PR Acro (PRAC) encourages young movers through a variety of balance, jumping, weight exchange, flexibility and coordination activities to develop and nurture their love of tumbling. (Barefoot) Mon 4:30pm

ENRICHMENT Ages 6-TeenOur enrichment programming enables dancers of all levels to participate in technically strong classes in a variety of classical and current styles.


Ages 4 thru 18 (85 min /Copper, Zinc, Brass. 115 min /Chrome)

These classes are leveled. Please speak with our director for placement.

Flip out with our rockin’ acro program! Our unique approach gleans the best attributes of traditional acrobatic, contortion and tumbling training to allow our dancers to increase stretch, strength and stamina while gaining balance control and the technical tactics of proper form to approach new skills safely— All making the mastery of fun and fabulous tumbling/contortion tricks attainable. The best part? We turn these creative skills into unique dances that will wow your friends and family!

Required Footwear = acro "toe" shoes (See required dancewear here)
Tuesdays: 3:00pm (Copper), 4:30pm (Zinc/Brass), 6:00 (Chrome)

Prefer a Friday or Saturday Acro class? Grab 6 friends and we'll open a class for you [7 student minimum]. Semi-Private classes are also available by appointment - additional fees apply


Ages 7-11+ (55 min)

Exclusively for the menfolk, this class includes all that makes our Hip Hop classes fly, while aiming a dedicated focus on the floorwork that'll let your BBoy crank. Required Footwear = Black hip hop sneakers or combat boots. (See required dancewear here)
Thurs 6:00pm


Ages 10 –Teen+ (55 min)

Need we say more? This very cool 80's street style has taken the world by storm (again!) and is now firmly ingrained in the international dance vernacular. So step on up and hit it! Required Footwear = Black split-sole hip hop sneakers or combat boots (See required dancewear here)
Thurs 7:00pm


Ages 7-11 (55 min)

Join the party! This rockin', movin', and groovin' class is designed to shake your dancer's soul in the best of ways. Current age-appropriate club dance styles of the day are set to music they'll love and you'll happily approve! Required Footwear = Black hip hop sneakers or combat boots. (See required dancewear here)

Mon 3:00pm


Ages 7-13 (85 min)

Perfect for those who love to be on stage! This class guides aspiring singers, dancers, actors, to polish performance skills through script readings, vocal training, and the exploration of various movement styles. Whether new to the stage or a deep resume in your pocket, this class will challenge, inspire, and ramp up your auditioning confidence. Required Footwear = Tan split-sole jazz shoes/Girls, Black/boys. (See required dancewear here)

Thurs 6:00pm


Ages 7-12 (85 min)

Does your dancer want to try everything but your schedule says she needs to do it in one class? This is it! Also great for dancers wishing to augment their existing dance schedule, this kickin' combo class includes jazz, conditioning, tech, funk, and tap! Required Footwear = Tan split-sole jazz shoes/Girls, Black/boys. (See required dancewear here)

Thurs 5:00pm


Ages 6-8 (Pearl=55 min), Ages 8-18 (Opal, Topaz, Emerald, Garnet = 85 min).

Tap is a blast! Beginner tappers work basic rhythmic patterns in combinations to gain self-confidence and control. Intermediate tappers work a combination of strength and technical drills to build the precision necessary for this uniquely American-born dance style to explode. Advanced tappers work more intricate rhythmic patterns to add speed and spark! Required Footwear: Pearl & Opal =Split-sole tap boot (Girls/Tan, Boys/Black). Topaz, Emerald & Garnet = Black Oxford tap shoes. (See required dancewear here)
Mon 4:00pm (Opal/Topaz), Mon 5:30pm (Emerald/Garnet)

Thurs 5:o0pm (Pearl)


Ages 9-18 (Opal, Topaz, Emerald, Garnet = 85 min)

Explore funk, hip hop, Broadway, lyrical, contemporary, kick line, and your own choreography! A solid warm up underscores the importance of technique and alignment. Required Footwear = Split-sole jazz boots. Girls=tan, Boys=black (See required dancewear here)
Wed 4:00pm (Garnet)

Wed 4:00pm (Opal)

Wed 5:30pm (Emerald)

Thurs 7:00pm (Topaz)


Ages 9-18 (Opal, Topaz, Emerald, Garnet = 85 min)

Our beginning levels work the classical self-discipline of the artform introduced with a jovial and progressive style. Our upper levels add intricate footwork and choreography with a determined focus on gaining strength and control. These levels work at a much more determined pace in an effort to prepare dancers for collegiate and professional programs. To achieve that goal, these classes must be combined with a complete and comprehensive dance schedule. You’ll have fun, but you’ll work harder than you ever have before! Required Footwear = Girls: Pink Revolution spilt sole ballet; Boys: Black (See required dancewear here)

(CT) Monday = Non-Performance/Technique Only: 5:30 (Opal/Topaz), 7pm (Emerald/Garnet)

(B) Wednesday = Performance:  5:30pm (Opal/Topaz), 76:00pm (Emerald/Garnet)


Ages 10–teen (85 min )

Strengthening barre exercises enable each dancer to work at her own pace to attain the “brass ring” of children’s ballet: the pointe shoe. By audition/invitation. Be sure to let your teachers know if pointe is y our goal and ask for our complete outline of pointe requirements.

Sat 11:00am, [additional Pointe add-ons are available Mondays & Wednesdays following Tech and Ballet classes!]

CoDa Ages 7-TeenPerfect for those who love to perform! Combine a weekly technique class with a weekly choreography rehearsal to prepare for local community performance opportunities.


1) Weekly Class: Select at leaast one of our awesome Enrichment class options to qualify for CoDa! Options include Ballet, Stage Dance Styles, Jazz, Tech, &/or Acrotactics.

[See full class descriptions under Enrichment Category which also outlines age & scheduling options]

2) Weekly Rehearsal:  CoDa rehearsals run Thursdays  6:30pm and are also a required element to participate in this program.

Required Footwear (per class descriptions).

Dream Team Ages 6-TeenFor dancers interested in a happily balanced yet focused competitive/performance directed program. Our Dream Team is a dedicated community of dance families whose dancers thrive on challenge, aspire to progress, share joy and welcome YOU!


PEARLone: 2+ hrs/wk = Pearl Combo + R [A great start! Ease into the team scene with this ONE combination class per week and you’re good to go!]

PEARLtwo: 3.5+ hrs/wk = Pearl Combo + Opal Jazz + R

PEARL PLUS: add 1.5 hrs of Acro per wk to either Pearl Level above!

OPALone: 6+ hrs/wk = Opal Tech + Opal Tap + Opal Jazz + Acro + R (please note: Opal Tech is NOT a performance class).

OPALtwo: 6+ hrs/wk = Opal Tap + Opal Jazz + Opal Ballet + Acro+ R
TOPAZ: 7.5+ hrs/wk = Topaz Jazz + Topaz Tap + Topaz Tech + Topaz Ballet + EITHER Emerald Tech OR Pre-Pointe + Acro+ R
EMERALD: 7.5+ hrs/wk = Emerald Jazz + Emerald Tap + Emerald Ballet + Emearld Tech + Acro (or add a 3rd Ballet) + R

GARNET: 7.5+ hrs/wk = Garnet Jazz + Garnet Tap + Garnet Ballet (or Topaz Ballet) + Garnet Tech + Acro (or add a 3rd Ballet) + R

IMPORTANT: To qualify for teams listed above, all returning team members must have completed Summer Hours as outlined here. If you are new to the area or are transferring from another local program, please give us a call at 781-631-8978 to discuss our audition process for appropriate team placement.

COMPETITIONS, CONVENTIONS, IN-HOUSE WORKSHOPS: All of our teams have specific requirements with regard to these important educational opportunities. Please see full detail here.

R = Rehearsals (scheduled within your weekly lesson times).

Combo = Combination Class including Jazz, Tap, Ballet
Teams will be also occasionally be required to attend Friday and/or Sunday team rehearsals.

Adult ClassesAdditional Adult programming is being added regularly!

Adult Tap

This class is perfect for whatever level you are currently at! You'll feel accomplished, be inspired, and have a blast being challenged to learn new rhythms and while working out the stresses of your week as this American born style explodes on your feet. Dress Code is casual. Wear which ever tap shoe style is comfortable for you (yes, we have a shop here at the studio if you wish to grab a new pair). 6, 12, or Drop-In payment options available.

Mon 8:00pm

Adult Ballet

Whether you're new to Ballet or have had a life long love of the art form, this class will help you increase strength, flexibility, balance, and grace. And, you'll feel fabulous! Dress Code is casual. Wear what you are comfortable moving in. Ballet slippers suggested. (yes, we have a shop here at the studio if you wish to grab a new pair). 6, 12, or Drop-In payment options avaiable.

Wed 8:30pm


Pound® is the world's first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat-dripping fun of playing drums! You become the music in this exhilarating full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements. Join us for an incredibly effective work out that'll ROCK you! 6, 12, or Drop-In payment options avaiable.

Thurs 6:30pm


We take the "work" out of the workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you'll see why Zumba® Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise. Super effective, super fun! 6, 12, or Drop-In payment options avaiable.

Thurs 7:30pm


MINI ME (a workout/dance series for YOU with your infant/toddler!)

Baby on Board

No need to skip your workout 'cuz you couldn't find a sitter. This is your chance to get moving WITH your infant! The music is fun, the energy is vibrant, the people are welcoming, and the workout is adaptable to your current ability. Just bring your own Baby Bjorn-style carrier, be sure your darling can hold their head up/tolerates the carrier, and get moving! 6, 12, or Drop-In payment options avaiable.

Tues 10:00am
Thurs 10:00am

Wee Workout

Trying to carve out time to workout &/or dance but not sure what to do with your toddler? This class is for YOU, both! A rollicking good time full of cardio, conditioning, plyometrics, and toning all to great music that you'll both just love. Bring play back in to your workout and model fitness for life! 6, 12, or Drop-In payment options avaiable.

Mon 3:00pm