2019 Summer Team Requirements

updated 3/10/19

In an effort to accommodate the philosophy that we share with so many of you (that our kids need down time over the summer) while still keeping an eye to the advancement of our dancers' training, we have devised flexible scheduling options that meet those considerations. Our summer programming dates are posted a full year in advance so you may plan the best format for your dancer and family.

Please review the outline below. If you have any questions about our Summer Team Requirements or Program Options, we welcome you to contact us at: director@adancersdream.net or by phone 781-631-8978

PLEASE NOTE: Look to the Team Level you expect your dancer to be on in the FALL to determine summer requirement. Team Levels are based on dancer's age and family's desired commitment level. Team groupings may be adjusted in the Fall dependent on registration configurations. Not sure what Level? Call the studio to schedule a Pathways Conference today!

All Summer Technique Hours (listed below) must be completed by August 31, 2019 to meet Performance Teams 2020 Eligibility Requirements.


Sparkle Squad (ages 4-6yrs)

6 hours of in-house summer technique recommended.

Select any set of 6 week Summer Class Series (to total at least 1 class hour/week) for a recommended (not required) summer plan! Summer dance is a great way to introduce or further help prepare your dancer for the fun of Fall performance classes. 

Mini Team (ages 6-8yrs)

6-15 hours of in-house summer technique classes recommended.

Choose a Summer Class Series or Dance Dayz to accomplish recommended (not required) hours for those interested in Mini Team. These programs are designed to offer dancers solid preparation for performance team class structure while being a whole lot of fun!


Junior Team (ages 9-12yrs)  AND

Teen Team (ages 13-18yrs)

At least 40 hours of in-house summer technique classes required.

To TOTAL the 40 required summer hours both Junior and Teen choose:

EITHER - Two full weeks of Dance Dayz (Each day of "camp" includes 4 hours of countable technique classes including each day's choreography workshop.)

OR - A combination of a portion of Dance Dayz, Acro Series, Ballet Boot Camp, &/or the Private Lesson Options listed below = our PERSONALIZED PLAN.

NEW THIS SUMMER!  Dance Dayz Choreography Workshop (1 hour per day) DOES now count toward your summer hours!

Times and dates subject to change by posted notice

Attention: Choreography/Rep rehearsals do not count toward required hours.


At $80 per one hour lesson, this Private Lesson option is not the most cost effective way to meet your required Summer hours! To meet your hours most affordably, we urge you to plan your summer schedule to ensure your dancer can attend our group programming options outlined on our Summer ’19 Page. That said, if you are unable to meet your Summer Team Requirement via group classes, Private & Semi-Private Lessons can be available to you as studio and teacher schedules permit. Please review your total required technique hours (outlined above) to see how a combination of available options can satisfy your eligibility for Performance Teams 2020.

Personalized Plan Policies & Deadlines

Today: Please notify us immediately and in writing if you foresee that your dancer will require a Personalized Plan. We require advance written notice (Dancer's Summer Availability Form) including all days, dates and times your dancer WILL be available throughout the summer for lessons.

May 1st, 2019: Your Personalized Plan Deposit of $575.00* is due in full on or before May 1st, 2019.
[*Because the nature of this plan includes private &/or semi-private lessons, there will be an additional balance due. Private &/or semi-private lessons will be invoiced and payable upon booking/scheduling. We will aim to combine dancers in semi-private or group classes as often as scheduling lines up to help keep your cost down. That said, we cannot guarantee such groupings will be available as scheduling has historically been challenging at best. A great way to better reach the goal of grouped lessons is for you to speak with other Personalized Plan families to come up with dates that work for you all together. Bring that info to us and we’ll do our best to match available teachers and studio time with your group!]

July 1st, 2019: All Private & Semi-Private Lessons must be scheduled, confirmed and paid in full by July 1st, 2019 (lessons can be attended throughout the summer, but must be booked & paid in full prior to July 1st) . Any lessons requiring administrative scheduling attention after the 1st of July will be charged a late booking fee.

August 31, 2019: All Summer Dance Hours must be completed by August 31, 2019 to be meet Performance Team 2019-20 Eligibility Requirements.


Private & Semi-Private Lesson Fees

Private Lessons (Solo) = $40/30 min. $80/60 min. $120/90 min.

Semi-Private Lessons (2 -4 dancers) = $45 per dancer /60 min.

Pick-up Classes (5+ dancers) = $30 per dancer /90 min.

Late Booking Fee = $25 per occurrence. (also applies to scheduling changes made after May 1st.).

Private & Semi-Private class hours count one-for-one toward your Summer Technique hour requirement.

Personalized Plans are not eligible for Early Bird Discounting. Any such discounting received in advance of Private &/or Semi-Private scheduling will be revoked.


Cancellation Policy: No refunds will be issued if you cancel a private or semi-private lesson. Account Credit may be considered if all of the following apply:   1) we receive no less than 24 hour notice in writing (e-mail is acceptable),    2) lesson can be made-up within 14 days,    3) studio & teacher availability can be arranged within 14 days.

Please note: We will do all we can to accommodate your summer schedule, however, this in no way guarantees your required hours will be met in this manner. We strongly suggest gaining your required hours within the standard Dance Dayz Programming].

Please click here for full Personalized Plan Info INCLUDING Personalized Plan Request Form

Please click here  for full summer programming information.