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Looking for a Dance Studio in Marblehead?

A favorite on the North Shore for decades, our innovative dance programs have earned a stellar reputation for an inclusive environment, comprehensive content, inspiring instructors, and a whole lotta FUN!

Along with a wide range of classical and cutting edge dance disciplines, our studio houses Dream ON! Dancewear (a fabulously funky dancewear supply shop), Twist & Shout Parties (a wild and wonderful birthday party program), and TAGdance (innovative teaching tools using the revolutionary and all-positive TAGteach method).

If you prefer gathering your information through online research, we encourage you to peruse our site to discover all we have to offer. If you have questions or would rather hear about our programming directly from us, we are always happy to speak with you! We welcome you to contact us: 781-631-8978. We'd love to learn more about what you are looking for.


Comparison Shopping?

Apples to Apples we proudly offer very competitive pricing - equal to and often lower than comparable local programs. We encourage you to compare the following items when determining what you are getting for your hard-earned dollars :o)

*Length of class time - find our class lengths here.

*Number of dancing weeks in a session. Each of our 3 sessions run for 12 weeks providing you with 36 dancing weeks.

*What is included in the session fee? Session fees for our Enrichment classes most often include, lessons, costume/tights, show T-shirt AND 4 ticktes for our June performance. Exceptions are Pre-School (PS), Primary levels, and Hip Hop where costume deposits for those interested in performing are invoiced separately in December. Installment fees for our Dream Teamers & CoDa kids also include lessons, costume/tights, show T-shirt AND 4 ticktes for our June performance. As well, rehearsal hours, competition entry fees, music editing, team activity fee, and an array of optional/additional class hours and team social events are included as noted.

*What is not included in the session fee and how much do these added fees run? Be sure to ask what other fees may or will come up during the dancing season. Some items to consider for enrichment dancers: registration fees, required dancewear, optional master classes. Additional items to consider for Team dancers: Team Costume, Optional Team Jacket, Invitational & Repertory Opportunities & related competition entry fees, Optional extra class costume.

*Teacher Experience? You can rest assured that each staff member at A Dancer's Dream is an experienced and professional dance teacher with valuable credentials in both performance and education. As well, all of our staff members are TAGteach & CPR certified. Additionally, our studio is a proud More Than Just Great Dancing affiliate.

Questions? We'd love to connect with you!
Call 781-631-8978 or E-mail: