A program built for fun!

MINI Tap (MNTP) turning shoes in to musical instruments, this class is key to honing listening skills and, of course, it’s a blast.  (Revolution Tap Boot >>  Girls= tan, Boys=black. See required dancewear hereThurs 4:30pm (25 mins)

MINI Jazz Mix (MNJZ) explore a wide range of fun and funky movement styles. From Classic Jazz to Hip Hop to Lyrical and more this class will help dancers adopt strong attention to alignment & technique while delighting in age-appropriate music sure to get their groove on! (Revolution Jazz Boot >>  Girls=tan, Boys=black. See required dancewear hereThurs 5:00pm (25 mins)

MINI Acro (MNAC) encourages young movers through a variety of balance, jumping, weight exchange, flexibility and coordination activities to develop and nurture their love of tumbling. (Barefoot. See required dancewear here). Tues 3:00pm (55 mins)

MINI Ballet Ex (MNCHex) known for attention to purity of form and line, the syllabus of Enrico Cecchetti guides young dancers through light and lively exercises that build poise, strength, control, and a love of classical ballet unlike any other. Dancers registered for this course are exam eligible! Learn more here. (Revolution Leather Split Sole Ballet Slippers >>  Girls=pink, Boys=black. See required dancewear here). Wed 3:00pm (55 mins)