Ages 6 thru 18 (Mini = 55 min, Levels I & II = 85 min)

These classes are leveled. Please speak with our director for placement.

Flip out with our rockin’ acro program! Our unique approach gleans the best attributes of traditional acrobatic, contortion, and tumbling training to allow our dancers to increase stretch, strength, and stamina while gaining balance, control, and the technical tactics of proper form to approach new skills safely— All making the mastery of fun and fabulous tumbling/contortion tricks attainable. The best part? We turn these creative skills into unique dances that will wow your friends and family!

Required Footwear = Barefoot (See required dancewear here)
Tuesdays: 3:00pm (Mini/typically ages 6-8), 5:00pm (Level I/II typically ages 9-Teen)

Prefer another day? Grab 6 friends and we'll open a class for you [7 student minimum]. Semi-Private classes are also available by appointment - additional fees apply


Ages 7-11+ (55 min)

Exclusively for the menfolk, this class includes all that makes our Hip Hop classes fly, while aiming a dedicated focus on the floorwork that'll let your BBoy crank. Required Footwear = Black hip hop sneakers or combat boots. (See required dancewear here)
Sound Fun? Grab 6 friends and we'll open a class for you! [7 student minimum].


Ages 10 –Teen+ (55 min)

Need we say more? This very cool 80's street style has taken the world by storm (again!) and is now firmly ingrained in the international dance vernacular. So step on up and hit it! Required Footwear = Black split-sole hip hop sneakers or combat boots (See required dancewear here)
Sound Fun? Grab 6 friends and we'll open a class for you! [7 student minimum].


Ages 9-18 (Junior & Teen = 55 min).

Tap is a blast! Beginner tappers work basic rhythmic patterns in combinations to gain self-confidence and control. Intermediate tappers work a combination of strength and technical drills to build the precision necessary for this uniquely American-born dance style to explode. Advanced tappers work more intricate rhythmic patterns to add speed and spark! Required Footwear: Revolution Black Oxford tap shoes. (See required dancewear here)
Mon 5:00pm (Junior), Mon 6:30pm (Teen)


Ages 9-18 (Junior & Teen = 55 min)

Explore funk, hip hop, Broadway, lyrical, contemporary, kick line, and your own choreography! A solid warm up underscores the importance of technique and alignment. Required Footwear = Revolution split-sole jazz boots >> Girls=tan, Boys=black (See required dancewear here)

Wed 5:00 (Junior), Wed 6:30pm (Teen)


Ages 6-18 (Mini = 55 min, Junior = 55 min, Teen = 75 min)

Known for attention to purity of form and line, the syllabus of Enrico Cecchetti guides dancers through light and lively exercises that build poise, strength, control, and a love of classical ballet unlike any other. Dancers registered for this course are exam eligible! Learn more here. Non-Performance.  Required Footwear = Revolution leather split-sole ballet slippers >> Girls=pink, Boys=black (See required dancewear here)

Wed 3:00pm (Mini), Mon 6:30pm (Junior), Mon 5:15pm (Teen)


Ages 9-18 (Junior = 55 min, Teen = 75 min)

Our beginning levels work the classical self-discipline of the art form introduced with a jovial and progressive style. Our upper levels add intricate footwork and choreography with a determined focus on gaining strength and control. These levels work at a much more determined pace in an effort to prepare dancers for collegiate and professional programs. To achieve that goal, these classes must be combined with a complete and comprehensive dance schedule. You’ll have fun, but you’ll work harder than you ever have before! Performance Eligible  Required Footwear = Revolution leather split-sole ballet slippers >> Girls=pink, Boys=black (See required dancewear here)

Wed 5:00pm (Teen), Junior Time Slot to be determined (Interested? Let us know!)


Ages 10–teen (45 min)

Strengthening barre exercises enable each dancer to work at her own pace to attain the “brass ring” of children’s ballet: the Pointe shoe. By audition/invitation. Be sure to let your teachers know if Pointe is your goal and ask for our complete outline of Pointe requirements.

Mon 4:15pm AND Wed 4:15pm