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We make outfitting your dancer a breeze! Your Personal Shopper will pull the items you select from our store and have them waiting for you at the studio! It can't be more simple :oD

1) Use "Select Your Age Group" for a short list of Dress Code items specific to your dancer.

2) Click on the images that appear to learn more about each item.

3) As you make your purchase selections, be sure to identify color and size where applicable.

4) You can see what's in your shopping cart at any time but clicking on the "View Cart" icon located at the top right of your screen.

FALL HIGHLIGHT! Looking to outfit your Pre-School/Primary Dancer? Check out our STARter kits for grab and go simplicity.

Select Your Age Group:

Preschool STARter Kit

$52.00 US

Primary TAN Buckle Student TAP shoe

$31.00 US

Children's Dark Tan Stirrup Tights

$12.00 US

Mini/Junior/Teen Jazz Boot

$52.00 US

Girl's Halter Leotard

$28.00 US

Adult Dance Short

$12.00 US

Primary STARter Kit

$52.00 US

Mini Cecchetti Leotard

$18.00 US

Adult Classic Pink Convertible Tights

$14.00 US

Junior/Teen Tap Shoe

$92.00 US

Adult Princess Seam Leotard

$24.00 US

Child Dance Short

$10.00 US

Girl's Pinch Front Camisole Leotard

$18.00 US

Junior Cecchetti Leotard

$18.00 US

Adult Dark Tan Stirrup Tights

$14.00 US

Adult Full-foot Tights

$12.00 US

Girl's Princess Seam Leotard

$22.00 US

Children's Full-foot Tights

$10.00 US

Teen Cecchetti Leotard

$18.00 US

Mini/Junior/Teen Premium Split Sole Ballet Slipper

$33.00 US

Adult Pinch-front Camisole Leotard

$20.00 US

Adult V-Front Dance Short

$12.00 US

Preschool & Primary White Stretch Ballet Slipper

$27.00 US

Children's Classic Pink Convertible Tights

$12.00 US

Mini Premium Stretch Tap Boot

$76.00 US

Adult Halter Leotard

$30.00 US

Children's V-Front Dance Short

$10.00 US

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