A program built for fun!

SUMMER 2018!  This 6 week series begins the week of July 17th


Mini Ballet Beats [ Ages 6–8 yrs]
Your darling will explore the world of classical ballet with a charming twist.  Traditional & original exercises are creatively introduced to expand your child's view of Ballet, Creative Movement & Jazz while aiming for nourished technical progression. Thurs 4:00pm*

Mini Tap [ Ages 6-8 yrs]
Tap is a blast! Beginner tappers will work basic rhythmic patterns in combinations to gain self-confidence and control. Intermediate tappers will work a combination of strength and technical drills to build the precision necessary for this uniquely American-born dance style to explode.  Thurs 4:30pm*

Mini Acro/Contortion [ Ages 6-8 yrs]
Your Acrobat will enjoy the best attributes of traditional acrobatic, contortion, and tumbling training to allow them to increase stretch, strength, and stamina while gaining balance, control, and the technical tactics of proper form - all to approach new and exciting skills safely. Thurs 5:00pm*

Mini Hip Hop [ Ages 6-8 yrs]
This high energy class is designed to encourage your young movers to make appropriate use of their enthusiasm while building focus, creating muscle memory, and developing their uniquely super swagger! Thurs 5:30pm*



Mermaid ACRObatics [ Ages 6-9 yrs]   Dive in to this whimsical approach to our Acrobatic Program! Yes, your Acrobat will be wearing a Mermaid Tail as they build the stamina and strength to flip through a range of contortion and tumbling skills. It's O-fish-ialy fantastic ;oD   Wed 4:00pm*


*ADDITIONAL DAYS/TIMES ARE FORMING for MINI programs listed above = we work around YOUR schedule! Call or e-mail today with your preference/availability.