Tween/Sr Dream Teams: 2018-19 FALL CLASS REQUIREMENTS

TEEN 1: LOVE to dance? Love lots of other things too? This program is perfect for YOU to be a part of our competitive dance team with an easily manageable minimum weekly requirement = 2.75 hrs/wk.

Weekly full year class requirement (Sept 10 – June 10) includes:

1) One Weekly Tech Class:  Register for Monday* Teen Ballet Cecchetti Grade I/II (75 min)

2) One Weekly Performance Class:   Register for Wednesday* Teen Jazz (60 min)

3) One Weekly Competition Rehearsal:   Dancer will be automatically registered for Wednesday* corresponding - Tween or Senior - Team's Rehearsal (30 min).


TEEN 2:  You have room in your schedule and enjoy a wider range of class and competitive performance opportunities? This program is perfect for YOU to expand your training while maintaining a balanced minimum weekly requirement = 4 hrs/wk.

Weekly full year class requirement (Sept 10 – June 10) includes:

1) One Weekly Tech Class:  Register for Monday* Teen Ballet Cecchetti Grade I/II (75 min)

2) Two Weekly Performance Classes:   Register for Monday Teen Tap (60 min) AND Wednesday* Teen Jazz (60 min)

2) Two Weekly Competition Rehearsals:   Dancer will be automatically registered for Monday AND Wednesday* corresponding Team Rehearsals (30 min each).


TEEN ADD ON or ALL IN:  Dance is YOUR thing. It's what you live, breathe, DO. This is the program for YOU! ADD ON classes from a variety of awesome options to fill your soul. Want even more? We gotchu! Our ALL IN dancers benefit from a discounted fee structure = our way of supporting your dedication to the art form we all adore! Please refer to Registration Form & Team Requirements Page for ADDITIONAL/OPTIONAL classes and ALL IN opportunities in TAP, ACRO, BALLET LAB, POINTE/(Pre-Pointe)!

*Your High School Activities & Your ADD Dance Team CAN coexist!

To enable our High School dancers to participate on our full year teams, and in response to dance family input, we're happy to share that we have scheduled a cycle of SATURDAY classes for you. These Saturday classes will run during MHS Fall sports season to enable you to meet your minimum weekly class hour requirements! Register for your regular weekday classes listed above and we will confirm your Saturday participation with you individually upon receipt.

Find Complete Tween/Senior Dream Team Info HERE

IMPORTANT: To qualify for teams listed above, all returning team members must have completed Summer Hours as outlined here. If you are new to the area or are transferring from another local program, please give us a call at 781-631-8978 to discuss our audition process for appropriate team placement.


COMPETITIONS, CONVENTIONS, IN-HOUSE EXAMS &/or WORKSHOPS: All of our teams have specific requirements with regard to these important educational opportunities. Please see full detail here.

PLEASE NOTE: Teams will be also occasionally be required to attend Friday and/or Sunday team rehearsals. We are ever committed to announcing these pre-performance rehearsals well in advance (in fact they often fall on the same dates each year). On rare occasion, life (or endless snowstorms) may kick up our best laid plans. In that case, we ask all to keep in mind our well worn adage = dancers are flexible!