No Babysitter needed!

Baby on Board

No need to skip your workout 'cuz you couldn't find a sitter. This is your chance to get moving WITH your infant! The music is fun, the energy is vibrant, the people are welcoming, and the workout is adaptable to your current ability. Just bring your own Baby Bjorn-style carrier, be sure your darling can hold their head up/tolerates the carrier, and get moving! 6, 12, or Drop-In payment options avaiable.

Tues 10:00am
Thurs 10:00am

Wee Workout

Trying to carve out time to workout &/or dance but not sure what to do with your toddler? This class is for YOU, both! A rollicking good time full of cardio, conditioning, plyometrics, and toning all to great music that you'll both just love. Bring play back in to your workout and model fitness for life! 6, 12, or Drop-In payment options avaiable.

Mon 3:00pm